Twentynine Palms Ca: Auditions for the Spring production of Theatre 29’s 2020 season, the boundary-breaking rock opera “JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR”, have been scheduled for Monday, March 23rd at 6:00 pm on the Theatre 29 Main Stage at 73637 Sullivan Road in Twentynine Palms.  The story of the last seven days in the life of Jesus Christ told from the point of view of Judas Iscariot, will take the stage for four weeks beginning May 8th through 31st.


Celebrating its 50th anniversary: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is set against the backdrop of an extraordinary series of events during the final weeks in the life of Jesus Christ, as seen through the eyes of Judas Iscariot. While not a passion play, it is a passionate portrayal of the personalities, the places and times of “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. This modern re-imagined production reflects the rock roots that defined a generation while inserting our modern reality to reach a new audience.  This legendary score includes 'I Don't Know How to Love Him', ‘Hosanna’, 'Gethsemane' and 'Superstar'.


Award-winning veteran director Charles Harvey will be seeking a cast of 25 (PRINCIPALS 1 Woman & 7 Men, ENSEMBLE: Male and Female, Large ensemble of singing-dancing musical performers for this production (portraying apostles, soldiers, the people of Judea).  ALL ROLES MUST SING AT LEAST CHORALLY!  The roles being cast are:


Judas - 20s-30s; Jesus’ strategic confidante; dedicated, passionate, conflicted, unshakably practical; torn between an aggressive sense of self-preservation and the ideals of Jesus’ religious movement; Rock Tenor - low D to high E


Jesus - 20s-30s; as much a pop culture idol as a religious leader; driven, charismatic, attractive, sincere; has a greater understanding of the dangers and matters at hand than any of his followers; Rock Tenor - low Bb to high E


Mary Magdalene - 18-30; struggles with aligning her worldly past with Jesus’ message; hopeful, steadfast, fragile, sweet with an edge; Folk Mezzo - low G# to B


Pontius Pilate - 30s-40s; Roman Military Governor; calculated, thoughtful, adept at handling pressure, not quick to use the gravity of his power; Rock Baritenor - low A to Bb


Caiaphas - 30s-50s; High Priest of the Sanhedrin; at the top of a crumbling system and violently resistant to conceding his place; cold, severe, strategic; Bass - low C to middle F


Annas - 30s-50s; High Priest of the Jews; Caiaphas’ Father in Law, the real power behind the apostolic throne; Stealthy, a bit of a serpent; Rock Tenor - low Bb to high E


Simon - 20s-40s; particularly enthusiastic supporter of the anarchist aspect of Jesus’ mission; reckless, extreme, ready for an uprising; Rock Tenor


Herod - 30s-50s; Roman installed King of Galilee responsible for determining the fate of its Jewish captives; corrupt, condescending, decadent, charming with a sneer; Baritenor - low B to high B


Disciples, Priests, Ensemble - 20s-40s; must be singers who are at home in pop/rock stylings; must move very well.


Auditions will consist of vocalization for 16 bars in the style of the show (Pick Broadway standards in the style of Andrew Lloyd Webber or strong rock standards that will show your range, please), movement and cold readings.   Bring a karaoke or non-vocal backing track on CD (Musical Theatre piece, no original works or pop songs).  An accompanist will not be provided. If you bring accompaniment on a mobile device or phone, please bring a speaker for the device as well.  Dress prepared to move.  Production is also seeking technical assistance as stagehands, set builders and costume construction. Any wishing to participate in these capacities, please also attend auditions (you will not be required to audition).  For more information, check out the audition details on Theatre 29’s Facebook page or on or contact the director, Charles Harvey, via email at [email protected].